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Tips and tricks for keeping Beautiful Nails

Beautiful Nails

Many women and some men too Apply nail polish on fingers and toes as a matter of habit. They believe that their nail painting is part of good preparation. And for some, the nail polish application is based of the nail art, and many people see the nail art as a way to express themselves.
While many women consider their finger paint and nails as a health problem because many women do not nail painted. Or do you intend to apply the wax is a loss of time or simply do not know how. If you fall into this latter category and you want to learn how to apply the nail polish, so here is a quick and easy guide you can turn to how to apply nail polish.
1. Before you do anything to your digital or nails, prepare your workspace. Ask your nails and manicure ready for your desk. In addition, to minimize the damage and prevent the nail from staining your workspace, you must distribute an old towel on its surface.
2. Remove nail polish and toenails, if available, an non-acetone nail polish. This will ensure your new Polish is distributed evenly on the nail to look good flawless
3. Wash and clean your hands so that no dirt or dust on the nail or nail polish while you are given a manicure.
4. Rub the bottle colorless base layer polish your hands for about 20 or 30 seconds. This will warm the lacquer and to get rid of bubbles forming inside the bottle.
5. Applying the base coat on your nail. Start with the middle of the nail bed, then work your way up the sides. Do not worry about staining your skin with the base layer. It is colorless, so no one will notice. Let dry completely before returning to work.
6. Rub the bottle of nail color your hands, just as you did in step number 4.
7. Apply the color layer on nails, again from the center of the nail and work your way up the sides. Let your layer to dry completely before doing anything else.
8. Apply the color layer for a second time if you want a darker shade of nail polish. You can skip this part if you are satisfied with the shadow of its Former coat color. Again, let your nail polish dry completely before doing anything.
9. Get a bottle of clear nail polish and rub it into your hands, and the 4 step.
10. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish. This will protect digital and flaky nails and make the polish to last at least a week. Allow this top coat to dry completely.
11. After the top layer is completely dry, get a piece of cotton thread and tightly wrapped around the tip of an orange stick. Dip the cotton end of the stick on the nail polish. Then, using the stick, remove excess nail polish on the skin around the nails. This will give your manicure a sophisticated look.
12. If desired, you can put stickers and glitter nails. Experiment with nail art to your heart's content. It is easy to apply nail polish. And once you are used to it, not much time is needed to perform this task. If you know how to apply the nail polish, You will like having beautiful nails, sophisticated looking anytime you want.
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