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7 Tricks for Making Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Nail Polish

The nail polish application is part of your grooming routine. for many women are not presentable if your hands and feet are bare. So even if a manicure and pedicure consume at least half decent weather day, these women feel it is time well spent. Some women are using more nails as a canvas for nail art.
A principal problem with nail polish, however, is that although a lot of time is required to achieve properly, you can expect your nail remain impeccable for a few days or more. Your nails may even skip a few hours after application. This can be very frustrating, and many women have sworn nail polish after such event. But it is possible to keep nail polish from chipping and make it last longer. You can make it with these seven tricks:
1. First trick,and before starting polishing ,clean your nails and wash your hands, then put your fingers in lemon juice or cider vinegar. This will help you to remove excess fat from the surface of your nails. With these natural oils stripped of their nail bed, ensured to stick to your nails instead of skidding nails. Also acid wash will satisfy your nails and remove all residual yellow. To avoid more oils to penetrate nails, avoiding the use of every oily thing before polishing.
2. You should to apply a layer of first base. The base layer works as a primer and a buffer between the nail bed and varnish which allows the color layer adhere to the nails but not color.
3. Instead of applying colors in a thick layer, brush in thin layers. Then wait for each coat to dry before applying another coat. This is a dull operation, but this method will let your nails more resistant to chipping nails. For best results, brush the paint horizontally across the tips of the nails.
4.Protect the color coat nails with a top coat. To harden the top layer and make your nail polish last longer, soak nails in cold water for ten minutes after application of the topcoat. If you have time, you should make a daily habit of brushing a thin layer of top coat nail.
5.You must also moisturize your hands every day after your manicure. The oil can be bad for your nails before the manicure, but it is necessary after you put in your enamel. Commercial hands lotion is good enough, but better results if you use natural oils for example olive oil. If you want to take care of your hands further, you must invest in a bottle of argan oil.
6.Take good care of tools and products used for manicures. Seriously, manicure is only as good as the tools and products used to reach it. So keep your nail polish in a cold place, it's better in the refrigerator and keep your nails neat files. don't shake your nail polish as this creates air bubbles in the product. Air bubbles can help your nail polish peeling easily.
7.The last trick ,don't use your nails as tools. Needless to say, this brute force on nails will only destroy a good manicure.and It can also damage the nail bed. so try to avoid it ,and don't do it.
Finally it is really very difficult to see chips and scratches on nails after meticulously maintained. But if the nail polish is applied and takes care of the nails correctly your manicure last week.
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