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"I Did It!" Before and After Weight-Loss Success Photos

These women formed up, lightened and found successful weight loss. Here, look at your photos in weight loss and how they lost weight.

"I like my 40 years!"

"I was not active, and I loved the food - ice cream, hamburgers, goulash of my father," said Lynne Frumkin, a mortgage banker in Great Falls, Virginia When he moved to South Florida in his. late 20s, Lynne took aerobics and down to 135 pounds, where he remained for years. - even after the birth of their first baby But with her second pregnancy, five years ago, everything changed. " After giving birth weighed 157 pounds and could not lose a bit of it, "she said. Caring for an infant and a child of his exhaustion, and finds comfort in food." I had no time or energy to exercise, and I ate biscuits, pizza and cereal at night. " Then he moved to Washington, DC, and met with his former colleagues. "People kept saying I looked so different," she said. "I also realized I did not have the energy for things that used to be excited, my work and my family." Lynne decided it was time for a change - desserts and pastries were saved candy It also reduced white flour and added protein snacks like peanut butter and cottage cheese Within six months, she.. lost 20 pounds. So she recommitted to exercise, hitting the climb in the gym and weight training four to six times a week. Within four months, was reduced from 137 to 121. Now their levels energy skyrocketing "I pack a ton every day - children, work, time with my husband,".. she said "I wish I had known that my 40 years would be so much fun!"
Age: 47
Height: 5'7 1/2 "
Pounds lost: 36
Time at current weight: 12 months
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