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3 Weight-Loss Tips No One Tells You

Sick of hearing weight loss tips the same old? You will love these tips from the new book by Ted Spiker, Down Size. If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you have heard the same boring weight loss advice over and over again. Not here. Ted Spiker, co-author of the best-selling health and fitness series Dr. Oz YOU offers amazing (and useful) advice in his new book, Down Size. Here are three of our favorite lessons:
Avoid the temptation takes more determination. Will is not suffering, it is the strategy. You need an emergency intervention in the form of an if / then: If x happens, and you do. Your emergency plan will become your new habit, the President said, and cancel your desire to say: "Sure, why not" Make a mental list of scenarios that usually derailed and design your game plan suggests examples. :

  • If my partner eats cheese blocks, and then I'll take vegetables and hummus.
  • If my colleagues constantly bring cupcakes, so I eat only once a week (or month).
  • If I'm in a Mexican restaurant, I'll switch between guacamole and salsa, and among the daisies and water.
You need to know the magic words. Research shows that some adjustments in your choice of words can lead to better food choices, Spiker said. Saying "no ice cream" makes you feel more power than "I can not eat ice cream." In fact, people who practice a "no" sentences collected a healthy choice of 64 percent of the time, compared to only 39 percent of the time in the group "I can't".
Count fitness exploits, no calories. Self-control, such as keeping a food diary and calorie counting is significantly associated with weight loss, according to a study. Still, it can be tedious, especially as you learn to eat healthier and can Ballpark calories. So Spiker changed tactics and gave his self-biasing ability, track all your exercises with annual targets (RUN 1000 miles, 75 km swimming, 30000 seconds, cutting boards, etc.). The strategy was less maintenance, Spiker said, and also contributed to setting goals and focus on small stages. A great way to lose weight and to get there fit.

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