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10 No-Equipment Back Exercises You Need to Try

Equipment Back Exercises

A less-than-scultped back can be cut their bras greater insecurity and the only thing stopping you from buying this super-high crop cute. That's about to change: We arrived 10 without return equipment exercises you can do at home to sculpt muscles difficult to target and a little more for you toned and firm throughout.
Atomic Burpee
We know Burpees are traveling, you love to hate, but do not give it even a rest. This advanced version starts the heat a notch with a sit-up, forcing a portion of your total body fat explode when done.
Back goals, shoulders, chest, abs, glutes
  • Lie and legs on your back, keeping your legs straight, arms folded behind his head.
  • Do a sit-up, but instead of falling to the ground, move to a standing position.
  • Then comes the burpee. Jump down into a pushup position, do a push-up, squat jump up and go directly to the ceiling.
  • Perform one to three sets of 10 repetitions.
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